Giving thanks while rock climbing

While I have no problem baring my midriff on the Internet (twice!), sharing my personal life has always been something I have struggled with online. But, this year has been one helluva year and I feel like I need to make a public announcement to fully show my appreciation for 2013. So, here goes…’m grateful that my family is alive and well this year. I’m grateful for the very first conversations my daughter and I have had this year. I’m grateful for my new home, my new job as well as my new dog this year. And, this year, I’m grateful that after 9 years together, I am still madly in love with that guy up there.

And, just when I thought my heart couldn’t get any fuller, my husband asked me to go on a date with him yesterday and requested that we try out rock climbing together at The Circuit Gym since they sent us a free coupon in the mail so that I could have something to blog about. From day 1 he has been the biggest supporter of this blog and I could never keep it up without his help. I mean… I’m still swooning as I type this.

Circuit Gym 1

So, off we went, hand in hand, to go and rock climb together in what can only be described as possibly the most romantic date of all time. When we entered The Circuit Gym, we were greeted by a warehouse chock-full of climbing walls. The cool thing about The Circuit is that it’s a bouldering gym, so there’s no equipment necessary making it scalable to rock climbing newbies or aficionados (which is a good thing since my previous climbing experience is minimal at best).

After we rented climbing shoes for a whopping $4 a piece, we got to it. I started out strong, busting through beginner climbs (which are smartly marked with a letter “B” and super easy to follow), making my way onto the numbered runs which are labeled with zeros on up (with the harder runs being higher numbers). Of course, as soon as I did this I promptly fell on my ass. Thankfully, the floor of the gym is one, giant foam pad, so physically I was in good shape but my ego took a beating since I was on a HOT DATE and all.


While bouldering is easy to figure out, the activity is sneaky hard. After a half hour or so, my muscles were noticeably weaker, which meant I fell some more. I actually made it all the way to the top of a climb and as I turned my face to give a flirty smile to my husband, I lost my grip and totally did a swan dive back first. It was super cute, you guys. My husband was a climbing beast–he even split open his hand from the friction of a tough climb and nonchalantly showed it to me afterward saying it was “no big deal.” While he made it look easy, he also agreed that the strength it took to boulder was tiring.

While taking a rest and lying on the foam ground (panting), I noticed that The Circuit also has a small exercise gym on an upper level with some cardio equipment and free weights. Had I noticed that earlier, I would have gone for a little jog before jumping into climbing to prep my muscles. Ah, well. I suppose it’s good to know for next time… since I’m fairly certain there will be a next time. In addition to being a really fun activity to do as a pair, the gym has 2 locations and is open until 11pm on most nights, making it perfect for those with kiddos and/or crazy schedules like us.

I know that it’s festive to be thankful at this time of year, but if there were no turkeys or carolers or lights, I’d still feel this way about my life right now. I’m a really lucky lady and I owe a lot of that to my partner in life who just happens to be super romantic and wonderful… with the uncanny ability to smile while offering me his hand when I’ve ungracefully fallen to the foam floor.

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